good news: Wordless is printed and on sale! it looks really nice, i'm really impressed with julie and how she got it together. it's like our own mini flight, and i'm really excited.

bad news: i recently moved and will be staying with my brother for a month or two, and unfortunately this means i will not be able to post any work for awhile.

it sucks, but if you are interested, I can be contacted at meltingdoll@gmail.com.

i also have a livejournal, a flickr page, and facebook (melanie tingdahl).

there are a billion ways to get a hold of me, so please do so (;


All we want is a little pat

I'm not really known for being very observant, but lately I've felt as though I'm being avoided. Perhaps I did something wrong, which also isn't exactly surprising, but I would never know. So what better analogy is there, other than a dog left chained outside just begging for attention?


I just took a dump on your browser

This is what happens when there is no internet for 3 days.


iron man movie

going into iron man, i was all "eww tony stark", but this is how i felt after seeing it.