2011 in review

Here is one drawing from each month this year, starting with January!

Happy Holidays!


Happy Birthday, Josh and Brian!

December 18th is the day both of my brothers were born, three years apart.

I drew my second brother a picture of his band, 4 Player Co-op, as Chrono Trigger characters beating up a robot dragon.  Because that's what he requested.

I haven't finished my oldest brother's giftart yet, but I'll be sure to post it when I do!

I also made this--

--for a Yankee Swap at a Christmas party.  It's a mixed media on corrugated cardboard with watercolour and pastel!  It's my first real attempt at using pastels, and I definitely plan to keep messing around with them (:



Spike, Salus & Ava

Liz Jackson & I are currently part of a D&D campaign that involves my young druid becoming her elf's new pet.  I drew the line work of this picture for her, and I was shocked to see her beautiful coloring job!  I look forward to doing more collaborations with my friends in the future, because I love to ink but my colors are so weak.  This seriously blew me away!

I draw a lot of ponies, but nobody can forget Spike.  He's a true bro to the FiM community.  And of course, my crayon obsession continues.