MLP: FIM Derpy Hooves

There is no reason Derpy should not continue to be called Derpy.

It means I LOVE YOU in doggie language

Lately I have not been sleeping well.  My stomach makes me sore and tired and it hurts a lot.  I have to eat very often, and there have been nights where I've been forced to sleep sitting up.  It's been brutal(loo), and it's really destroyed some of my urge to draw.

Last night, Jason chose to draw me this thing of beauty as a means to cheer me up.  What a guy!

Here are some things I've done this past month:

I replaced some old signs at work (on the left) I made a year or so ago with some newbies (on the right)!

Here's a flyer I made for my brother's show -- it felt really good that someone specifically requested that I make the flyer!

Here's a commission someone requested after seeing my doodle of the Robins I posted a while back.  He was super nice, and if you live in Dallas, you should totally go buy comics from him at Keith's Comics!


MLP: FIM Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon

This isn't my best work, but it's finished so I'm posting it!

MLP:FIM Chrysalis

Everypony will gather 'round
Say I look lovely in my gown
What they don't know is that I have fooled them all


Guardian of the Underworld

Hello, my name is Cerberus!  Merr!  I am the protector of all that is bad and yucky.  No one can stop me from totally chomping your face if you try to escape the gates of FIRE AND DOOM

Here are some signs that "ting doll" lady made for that place where they sell funny picture books.
This one does not look particularly tasty..

..but I can't wait to turn these guys into chew toys!  Om nom!

I tried to eat a guy like this once- he didn't taste like anything!  

Now I'm hungry.  Maybe the new mailman will be here soon...the last one was too crunchy.

...I'm too tired to come up with a better post than this.  DEAL