Kaylee Frye

...loves strawberries.

Crayon is hard to clean off of scanner glass.


I can't express enough how much I love my job

I really do!  It's fun and I work with awesome people and today was super busy.  But today was also the day my body stopped functioning because it is trying its damnedest to fight off this cold.  Tonight I will be bundling up and sleeping for as long as possible so I can make it through work tomorrow. (:

Shrouded Emotions of the Subconscious Mind

Despite how ridiculous or unrealistic it may have been, sometimes the mere feeling you get from a bad dream sticks with you.


Heaven on Wheels

I went to the local roller rink earlier this week and boy was it a blast!  I've been afraid to go ever since I traumatized myself back in '10 with Mick (of which I still have a scar).

I was surprised to see so many people that still really enjoy skating.  Lots of 40-50 year old men with mad skating skills!  There were also plenty of friendly folks - I was complimented on both my legwarmers and my necklace by two different people.

I plan to go at least twice a month, if not weekly.  I still remember skating up and down my driveway all afternoon when I was a wee girl, and this week has only reminded me of how much fun it is.  It's also re-lit my interest in joining the Roller Derby, which I used to talk about with my friends back in 2005.  Maybe I'll finally make this dream come true (;


Secret Plans

About a year ago I started toying with an idea I had for a comic.  It wasn't until recently I came up with any real plot concepts and since then I've been drawing and sketching ideas like crazy!

Expect more in the future. (:

Almost forgot

Late birthday gift for my oldest brother: Sexy Psyyyylocke!


Kuni & Chibiterasu

The Okami series is super underrated.  It's adventurous like The Legend of Zelda with its own twists.  I didn't expect the sequel to top the first game, but ohmygosh it has.  The use of a stylus in Okamiden far exceeds using analogs for brush techniques...

...and instead of playing a dog, you take on the role of a puppy.  A PUPPY.  And instead of having Issun-- the often-irritating bug-equivalent to Navi from OoT-- follow you around, you get the son of Susano(from the first game).  Major upgrade.

Now go find a cheap used copy of either game and play it!


I really don't have a clue how to use these

Pastels are harrrrrd.  So is lighting!  I used at least 4 references for colors here.  And I'm not even sure if I managed to learn anything, except that I don't know what I'm doing. :D


The First of a Season

What would the first real snowstorm of Winter be without hours spent digging my car out of the snow?

Luckily I know a guy like Abs.  He has a tendency to make everyone he talks to feel better.  Mostly because talking to one of the coolest people on the planet will make you feel pretty cool too.  (;



"..cuter than a kitten and a puppy in a basket hugging." -Abs

Prove it!



Keeping in tradition with "Mel draws everything ever for Mick", here is a vocaloid to add to his collection. (:

Crayons still haven't gotten old for me.


Auld Lang Syne

I spent the entire weekend in the company of my friends, but during the moment we had all gathered for, I was alone in an elevator on my way to find one of them.  Here's hoping it isn't some premonition of the year to come.

Happy 2012!