Heaven on Wheels

I went to the local roller rink earlier this week and boy was it a blast!  I've been afraid to go ever since I traumatized myself back in '10 with Mick (of which I still have a scar).

I was surprised to see so many people that still really enjoy skating.  Lots of 40-50 year old men with mad skating skills!  There were also plenty of friendly folks - I was complimented on both my legwarmers and my necklace by two different people.

I plan to go at least twice a month, if not weekly.  I still remember skating up and down my driveway all afternoon when I was a wee girl, and this week has only reminded me of how much fun it is.  It's also re-lit my interest in joining the Roller Derby, which I used to talk about with my friends back in 2005.  Maybe I'll finally make this dream come true (;

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RoboZelda said...

:-D I had such a blast with you and Hallie!! :)