Did you know?

..that the Disney-animated 101 Dalmatians was released in 1961? It really blows my mind to see something that was so smooth, well designed and just plain pretty almost a quarter of a century before I was born.

So today I morning-doodled a young Cruella. She had a little more meat on her bones back then, before she was high on crack 24 hours a day. Did you see those crazy eyes when she was driving that car near the end? Cocaine's a helluva drug.

The Newest Patch

Here are some Halloweenie doodles.

One is to represent scenester kids and their sick love for vampires. And with some of the fabric they choose to wrap their bodies in, it might as well be Halloween 365 days of the year, amirite?

The other is for all those lonely frankenstein ladies out there. Poor things.




PokeTrainer Mel and Marshtommmmp!



Team Fortress 2 is SO much fun!
This isn't finished but I've learned a lot from it so far.
Like how much I suck at light sources.
And how much cooler it looks if I use a colored light as opposed to just white highlights.

Fun fun!