Snuggle boo boo

I talk a lot about comics but I never post any!  I have a ton of short mini-comics I've drawn the past year.  I mostly keep them in a small Moleskine book, but this was an exception.  I'm thinking about drawing finished versions of the minis I have tucked away so I can get them all posted.

And yes, Abs is a drooly drooler.


Glowing Tree Beets

More crayon art concepts for my comic idea. (:

MLP: FIM Photo Finish

I painted this little diddy for my pal Ana.  Unfortunately she's moving away for work so I wanted to make her something.



Check out Escher Girls!  As a comic store employee and reader, I find it extremely amusing!  And even if you don't read comics, it's worth the entertainment. (:


My Little Scorpion: Venom is Magic

My roommate challenged me to do this.  I don't think he was expecting this outcome.

Here's a recent sign I did for work:

And here's a concept sketch for the comic I keep talking about wanting to do but might not ever finish:

Today is my Tuesday.  Have a good week!


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I've been playing TP lately on the Nintendo Gamecube.  Which of course means drawing plenty of fanart!

Midna is amazing.  By far the best companion Link's ever had.



Gordzilla, Griffin, and The Goon

Gordzilla Ramsay has standards, and his standards say that THIS IS RAWWW

This is Griffin.  If you don't know who Griffin is, you certainly should.

This is a last-minute entry for a Dark Horse contest I found out about last night, with the deadline in a matter of hours.  It'd be amazing to win some art from Eric Powell -- the man is overflowing with talent.  Fingers crossed.

Trying to bounce back.



Almost exactly a year ago, I had to reject my acceptance to art school.
Today, I was unable to tryout for the Maine Roller Derby.
It's something I was excited about and worked so hard for, but in the end I had to make the decision that I wasn't able to commit my time or money to it.  Watching the excitement of the friends I made from Derby Lite is really hitting me hard, like I was the only one that didn't make the team, like I've failed somehow.  Now I'm going to have to continue feeling insignificant and hope someday I can do something truly great and be confident that I've accomplished something positive.  Until then I have to accept that I once again didn't get to follow through with taking an opportunity that could have made my life better.
A year is going to feel like forever.


Clumsaloo strikes again


I fell outside on my skates and removed quite a bit of skin.  Jason putting peroxide on it was more painful than falling down the stairs on my already-sprained knee.

Pretty awful stuff.

At least now it's healing enough where I can sit in a chair for more than three minutes and not feel pain!

I have some more art to upload, and I will very soon.