Diablo III is a lot of fun.  My monk is totally in lesbians with the Enchantress!

A commission I did for someone ended up getting printed on m&ms.  SO COOL!

Aaaannnd here's some other recent stuff --

Twilight Sparkle!


Troll Thad punching Troll me!

Crackle is best pony!

No wait, Spike is best pony!  But worst art!

Oh god it's Skrillex!

And Trixie!

And 2/3 of Batgirl, Inc!


Post-MeCAF Blues

MeCAF was a blast!  All the exhibitors were very kind and friendly.  Kazu Kibuishi was one of the nicest guests we've had, and extremely friendly!

I had Flight vol 3, Explorer: The Mystery Boxes, and Hark! A Vagrant signed, and then I bought a bunch of stuff.  Some of the creators were kind enough to give me free stuff too!

The signing of Adventure Time was exciting, too.  It was sort of a surreal experience for me.

I'm already super pumped for next year, and all the years following. (:

While we wait for the next MeCAF, here are some commissions I've been working on--



It's here!  The Maine Comics Arts Festival is today!  Come to the Ocean Gateway in Portland between 10am and 5pm to see some pure raw talent.  Kazu Kibuishi and Kate Beaton are our featured guests this year!  AMAZING

I will also be there in case people have any interest in buying this super special limited edition variant cover of Adventure Time #4 with art by yours truly.  I have no idea what to expect - I'm just the geeky girl that works at the comic store, who'd want me to sign anything?

This is one of my favorite events of the year.  In fact, without MeCAF I may never have started working at Casablanca Comics!  The first year of the festival, I was just a shy volunteer that liked comics a whole bunch.  But Rick and Laura offered me a job a few months later and here I am now, selling comics with my art on the cover.  There is a special place in my heart for this event, especially for the amazing people who make it happen!



Insult & Injury

Well!  I finally did it.  I finally gave myself a lasting injury from rollerskating.  
We were doing a drill on plow stops during my Derby Lite class, and as I tried to avoid skating into one person, I ended up pushing another out of the way but my leg got caught behind me, around them, and I heard and felt multiple pops, and then collapsed on the floor.  I put some ice on it and sat out the rest of class.  I assumed it was just a sprain that might need some healing time, so Abs came to rescue me during the public skate and then we went to Sebago for food!

It wasn't until I got up Wednesday morning around 4:30 to go the bathroom and couldn't make it back without crying or falling over that I was really concerned about it being worse than it was.  After sleeping for five hours I got a ride to the hospital and was diagnosed with a "Knee Sprain Strain & Partial Med. Meniscal Tear", whatever all of that means.

Now I have stupid crutches and a stupid leg splint brace thing and I'm already having dreams about doing stupid mundane things like being able to run.  My plans to be active every day have been severely hindered, making me feel mopey and frustrated.  

Obviously I have plenty of things to be happy about, and I'm grateful it wasn't something worse, but this stiiinkkkss



This Saturday!  Go to your local comic shop and pick up some free comix :D
I will be at Casablanca Comics in Portland.  We're selling prints of this mock Action Comics #1 poster for cheap, but there are only 25! --

It will also be a great opportunity to meet the Mandolorian Mercs, including the awesome Amanda and Ian Anderson!  They're basically the coolest friends I have and I'm so excited to see them!

What time is it?

I can now finally announce that I am being published!  ...again!

At the Maine Comic Arts Festival we will be selling an exclusive variant of Adventure Time #4, with line art by yours truly!  For now, we're only posting a preview image ---

Come to the Ocean Gateway on Sunday, May 20th in Portland, Maine to buy one!

I'm absolutely giddy about it, and it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the awesome owners of Casablanca Comics.  It also would not have turned out nearly as well if the colorist wasn't AMAZING.  I feel so lucky!  Eeee!