Insult & Injury

Well!  I finally did it.  I finally gave myself a lasting injury from rollerskating.  
We were doing a drill on plow stops during my Derby Lite class, and as I tried to avoid skating into one person, I ended up pushing another out of the way but my leg got caught behind me, around them, and I heard and felt multiple pops, and then collapsed on the floor.  I put some ice on it and sat out the rest of class.  I assumed it was just a sprain that might need some healing time, so Abs came to rescue me during the public skate and then we went to Sebago for food!

It wasn't until I got up Wednesday morning around 4:30 to go the bathroom and couldn't make it back without crying or falling over that I was really concerned about it being worse than it was.  After sleeping for five hours I got a ride to the hospital and was diagnosed with a "Knee Sprain Strain & Partial Med. Meniscal Tear", whatever all of that means.

Now I have stupid crutches and a stupid leg splint brace thing and I'm already having dreams about doing stupid mundane things like being able to run.  My plans to be active every day have been severely hindered, making me feel mopey and frustrated.  

Obviously I have plenty of things to be happy about, and I'm grateful it wasn't something worse, but this stiiinkkkss

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