Sparky's Charlie

Yesterday I bought The Art of Charles M. Schulz. The man was a genius. Sparky and Hank Ketcham were both phenomenal comic artists.

I'm disappointed in myself for having thrown out my first printing of A Charlie Brown Christmas back when I moved out of my parents' house. It was my favorite book as a kid, and brings back a lot of memories.

I regret that I'll never have a chance to meet the one and only Sparky, and I'm so glad that his legend has lived on so strongly, and hopefully it always will!


How to Train Your Toothless Dragon

With the differences in the books, the How to Train Your Dragon movie could have been named something completely different, and it wouldn't have mattered. Aside from the names and SOME of the character similarities, the two aren't even closely related. Astrid isn't even a character. And Toothless actually has no teeth. And he's like, 10 inches tall. He's also super whiny, and lazy. And I don't even remember if Hiccup's best friend Fishlegs exists in the movie...

But the books are awesome and I'd recommend them to anyone that has enjoyed the Harry Potter books (:


Presidents Day!

I hope those of you that have the extra day off get to enjoy the long weekend! Go buy some cars and or mattresses, I hear there might be a sale!


One time I drew 6 in a row

I was on a kick last night and busted these out while watching Pawn Stars!



Someday I will put together a children's book. It will be about a little girl that dreams big, and it will be bright and fun!
I will have a lot of messing around to do with the style as well as her age/intelligence, but I think, if I actually do this, it could be something awesome.


Year of the Wabbit

Hooray! I haven't had any meat today per New Year's tradition, but I can't say that will last.

Yesterday was Tim & I's one year together. We spent most of it in our pajamas. (: