Pokemon X and Y

Who's excited for the new Pokemon game?  I know I am!  Everyone likes the new fire starter type because it's a fox.  BUT LOOK HOW CUTE CHESPIN IS


My Little Saga: Lying is Magic

Someone made the awesome commission request of Saga characters as ponies.  What a fantastic idea!

I recently bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf (finally, amirite?)!  This may have been a big mistake, as my productivity level has decreased ever since.  However, I made these sweet paragon and renegade fabric designs, so at the very least I'm still technically drawing, right?

Let me know if you want my friend code!

Yesterday I also finished my first 5k event with Color Me Rad in Brunswick, Maine!  It was a great experience, and I'm proud of myself for participating.  I duct taped my knee brace and hit that pavement in my crappy sneakers and still managed to cross the finish line faster than I've ever tried to cover a 5k distance before!  Now I am sore as all heck, since it was the first I've attempted to run in 2 months, but it was worth it.  What a great way to start the end of my summer.  Next week is a laser tag excursion with some roller derby buddies!


Bob's Burgers

I took a break from drawing while watching Netflix to doodle this.  The show is really absurd, but I can't help but love how realistic the lessons learned are.  Because sometimes life doesn't work out for you, but life goes on and that's okay.


Chun Li and Black Canary

Here's a commission I did recently for a friend's friend.  I love Chun Li, and loved the Green Arrow/Black Canary series (it introduced me to Cliff Chiang), so this was really fun.  Everyone asked why I chose to use the Blanka/Brasil stage from Street Fighter, and my answer is always: because it is the best.


Dorky Dogs, Clumsy Mummies

 I have so many things planned for the fall!  Please be sure to follow me on twitter and facebook for updates and announcements!


Mako Mori

If you haven't seen Pacific Rim yet, you REALLY need to get on it before it leaves theatres.  It's a lot of fun, and anyone that doesn't seriously enjoy giant monsters and robots punching the bejeezus out of eachother hates America.


Sweetest Tooth in the World

Yesterday was amazing!  Jeff Lemire came to our store for a signing.  He liked the Animal Man drawing I did for our window display.  He requested a commission from me, in exchange for an original page of his artwork!  He is extremely friendly and personable, and I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet him.


August's First Friday Art Walk

 Last weekend, Casablanca Comics had its first art show for the First Friday Art Walk!  The show featured sketch covers from plenty of local artists, including your truly.

 You can still check them out, on sale through our website!

Tomorrow we will also be having a signing with Jeff Lemire, creator of the new series Trillium, as well as Sweet Tooth.  I also got to see Sean Murphy while he was in town buying a house last Monday, making this week quite delightful.