I re-watched Sherlock and am now halfway through watching it with Jason.  I really enjoy the movies, but Benedict and Martin are just so much better than Robert and Jude.  Sorry, guys!


Thanks For Giving!

What a crazy month!

At the last minute I decided to try out for Maine Roller Derby, and I was successful.  Around the same time I was contacted about making a poster image for my favorite bout of the season, the charity bout!

This bout is so much fun.  You donate money (which we will then donate to Strive)  and you can change the game.  Literally!  You can pay to add points to the score, pay to put players in the penalty box, and before halftime is over, pay to have players switched to the opposing team!  It's interactive and ridiculously fun to watch.  If you're in the area on November 16th, come check it out!


We Love Libraries

Here's a sign I did for work that I never got to use for its intended purpose.  I meant to bring it to a library event where we had an exhibitor's table but I was sick that week and forgot it at home.  It may still find a place in the store.