PCM : Day 3, Part 2

935am Saturday: Second coffee of the day(third of the weekend) and it's almost gone, very little sleep, losing voice, neck hurts, and having drinks every night in Julie and Ryan's room after the con closes continues to be worth the loss of an extra hour's worth of sleep.

Dead baby jokes ftw (:

Today is the busiest day! STOKED


PortCon Maine : Day 2, part 1

It takes a lot of balls to dress in skin-tight spandex.

That is all.

I am already exhausted. Maybe later I will feel more awake as well as clever enough to post something more amusing. The run-ons will be spectacular.


Maine State Looney

Pick any combination of four numbers, from the numbers 0-9.
This combination costs 50 cents.

This lady spent 41 dollars.
41 U.S. Dollars.

That means she paid for 82 different combinations of four numbers.

Before filling out one of the tickets, the lady asked me when MY BIRTHDAY was.

Gosh, the things I would do with my SSI/retirement money instead of spending it on lottery tickets!


With some art, age IS beauty.

Anyone who tries to say that cartoons are made only for kids are sadly misinformed. The majority of my watching, of course, comes from my love for the visual arts, and the studying of things like backgrounds, framework/animation, and overall visual delivery. Ed, Edd, and Eddy in particular has always intrigued me a little, as do most Squigglevision cartoons. (Home movies started out with Squigglevision, and later moved on to flash animation.)

As with graphic novels, I enjoy art that projects a feeling of movement. I can definitely see why it would appeal to children to use this type of animation as well; the constant motion, even while the subjects remain in static poses, is hypnotic. It makes me grin to think just how easy it must be to get away with so many adult references, just for using this one particular process. Because while keeping the kids distracted, the parents slash guardians slash babysitters have plenty of reasons to also enjoy watching it. This show in particular uses a wide range of vocabulary words I never would have understood pre-high school. It isn't unheard of for some jokes to be on the verge of crude, but mostly I just find them funny.

For example, today's episode of the Eds involved the first day of the new school year. The stereotypical, middle-eastern kid walks by them in the hall and says, "Prepare yourselves, boys. It is here we shall be mercilessly judged."

About a minute later, the schizo-kid that carries a piece of wood around named Plank is seen, miserable, leaning against a vending machine. The plank is resting nearby, and the boy, clearly suffering, says, "Keep looking, friend! I've had a hankering for a bag of nuts alllll dayyyy."

It's moments like these on the Cartoon Network that make me wish I had cable.


I'm Actual.

To be completely honest with myself, a tiny, miniscule part of me is relieved. I won't have to wonder, or whine, or worry anymore.

It doesn't matter if I was expecting it - I saw it coming.

But it doesn't even matter!
It still sucks.

Funny, today was right on the dot for the 3rd-month-since-he-left mark.

But okay, I won't say anymore about it. I'll get over it, and I'll suffer it all in silence from this point on.

[the end.]


A word of praise for a Visual God

Mike Krahulik was born in '77, and was 22, nearly two years younger than I am now, when he and Jerry Holkins created and started the webcomic Penny Arcade. The comic is now a national (and likely international) hit. They are up to their 5th published book, and Krahulik has illustrated for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, World of Warcraft, and several other well-known games. They have their own Expo, they both appear all over the country at different conventions, as well as E3 every year.
His work has improved immensely since 1998. Today's comic in particular is absolutely gorgeous.

Part of the reason I bring this up is because as far as I know, he never went to college. Drawing every day - doing what he loves most in the world - has given him the opportunity to succeed as a professional artist.
Topics like these are what make me wonder if spending more than $100,000 to go to art school would really be worth it.

Just a thought.


First Brosgol Vera Second Book


Vera Brosgol is producing a graphic novel from First Second Books. (First Second Books also published Three Shadows by Cyril Pedrosa.)



Is it over?

Isn't it funny how the things we fear other people will do, sometimes end up being things we end up doing?