August Already!

Yeah okay, I REALLY need to post more, I know.  But I have things to do, you know?

It turns out I won't be able to enroll at the Maine College of Art this year.  Total letdown.    The reason I can't go is because, despite a HUGE scholarship and tons of grants/loans, I couldn't get a co-signer for a private loan to pay the $4k/year leftover difference.  A measly four or five grand out of 30k a year.  It's very depressing and has really done a number on me emotionally.  My disappointment, along with a few other personal hurdles, has made my summer a bit gloomy.
I still aim to go next year.  It just means I have plenty of time to apply for more scholarship money and perhaps build credit so I don't even need a co-signer!

In the meantime, it's workworkwork for me, with some time for drawing once in a while!

Of course I continue to draw lots of Hellboy...

& Valve's Portal 2 fanart.

One of my favorite NES games is Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers.  It competes with Mega Man 2 for my #1.  I always enjoyed the show, but I'm not sure how much I'd like it now.  With all the recent Netflix re-discoveries of old cartoons, I have only watched a few that I still find amusing.

My roommate Mick likes Zatanna.  Unfortunately, with DC's New 52 next month, she no longer has her own title.  I drew him a picture to comfort him.

Also, I love Catwoman.

Fanart galore!


Signs! with some Old vs. New

Lately I feel like I do more drawing for signs at work than in my free time. This wouldn't at all be a bad thing...if I made a lot more signs! I really have trouble sitting down and getting art done when I work every day. Most of my free time is taken up by my desire to relax. And eat. I eat a lot of food.


Here are some signs I've made lately for the comic store!

Last week I also had a little extra time to replace some of the signs I made over a year ago. It's kind of nice to see I've made improvements, even in such a short time span. It makes me feel good about myself :D

(Both of the pictures are Old sign over New.)