Discomfort Zone

Jason (AKA Abs) suggested that I try to work outside of all the cute and make more attempts to oppugn the style I'm so used to using.

Challenge Accepted.

I used a reference because I'm still terrible when it comes to most light sourcing.  But it was still a good quick learning experience and I'm feeling even more motivated to improve (:



For the first time ever, I am selling myself out for commissions!  I'm trying to get my car fixed up as well as save for a new apartment.  If you read this blog and would be interested in buying some art from me, feel free to e-mail me!

Here are some things I've done recently!

Zecora as a person!

Some wee animals!

Abs vs. Mick in an "epic Pokemon battle"!

A sign for work!

Queen of the RoboZeldas and her minion robots!

This is a commission I did for a customer at one of our stores - a baby shower invitation image!

April is fast approaching.  It's time to start putting away those winter clothes (:


Pokemon States 2012

I had a wonderful time at Pokemon States this year!  Every year I show up to sell quick drawings for super cheap.  This year turned out to be the most successful yet - I made 550% more than I started with and doubled what I made last year.  I learned a lot - selling two different sizes worked out well.  Card boxes made for a great idea, although next year I'll have to buy extra blank boxes for custom choices.

I wasn't able to grab pictures of all the stuff I drew (around 20 or so) but here are some of them, starting with the boxes I made before the event: 

Thanks again to those of you that came out to support yours truly.  I'm excited to start thinking about doing commissions on a more regular basis!


Who stopped pushin' the cart?

It's been a busy week for art!  But amidst all the drawing, I can always find time for my beloved Scout.

Team Fortress 2 is absolutely one of my favorite games of all time.  Unfortunately, it's really good at distracting me for hours on end until I accidentally 3am.

I know a lot of folks that complain about the game's hats and player vanity, but I love it.  I think all the items are a good way to keep players playing.  I'm sure it also helps Valve rake in the dolla dolla bills, so they can continue to NOT make Half-Life 2 Episode 3.

Not that I care all that much.  I still have TF2...that is, until Valve shuts it down. (dun dun dunnn)


Draw a People

An old thread has been revived at the Penny Arcade: Artist's Corner forum, and it's made for some fun practice with drawing quick faces.

These are all based on photo ref and inked with a graphic 1 micron. (:

Kevin O'Neill and I will probably never actually get married someday

except that we will


It's the people you know that will get you places

Tonight was the fourth time I was honored with the privilege of drawing on one of the chalkboard-pillars at the Bullmoose in Scarborough, despite the fact I don't actually work there but pretty much know everyone that does.

Oh hello, Garrus!

Here are my previous chalk drawings (with more to come hopefully!):