Discomfort Zone

Jason (AKA Abs) suggested that I try to work outside of all the cute and make more attempts to oppugn the style I'm so used to using.

Challenge Accepted.

I used a reference because I'm still terrible when it comes to most light sourcing.  But it was still a good quick learning experience and I'm feeling even more motivated to improve (:


HappyHypocrisy said...

"Cute" A+
"Cool": A
You should try "Sad" next IMO.

unowho said...

fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering . . . how does it feel on the dark side?

seriously, art is about exploring boundaries, isn't it? perhaps work in the DCZ (de-cutinized-zone) will inform other aspects that you excel at . . . and vice versa

looks good!