It's a ton of fun...

...but drawing on a tablet can be hard. My lines are just so wibbly. Merrr!

I still have much to learn about you, dear Photoshop.


If I really had to choose, my top three favorite artists are: Mike Krahulik, Bryan Lee O'Malley and Skottie Young.


Days after it was dubbed #1 cover of 2009, issue #19 of Wolverine First Class has been in a frame on my wall. In less than 6 months I will be getting it signed.

Super stoked.

And if Rick would stop dropping hints about Bryan Lee O'Malley coming and just announce it already, I could get excited about that too. That would be TWO of my favorites in the same place!


Week Three!

I'm way too lazy to post more than 7 images on four different websites every week. If you want to see all the images, go to my website and see them all in the gallery! (:

Hooray for slackers!


Great Odin's Raven!

So I never posted some of the more hands-on painting I did this summer, and a friend told me I should. So here goes!

A few years ago, my brother Josh bought me a Munny Doll. It's made of vinyl and exists only to be painted or drawn on. They all come with random accessories. I actually made it a Season 2 Priest set initially, and I took pictures of it somewhere before scraping the crappy paint (I think I used a really, REALLY thick coat of watercolors, lawl) off and starting over. I finally made a decision for it's final form last Spring - The [Alien] Norse God of Thunder! He came with a cape in his accessories, and I still have to make him a helmet. Amanda's Midna is much more supreme than mine, but the little guy does his best.

In August, Maine Boffer Games happened. It was fun, it was epic, and it was full of lots of fabric paint! My first project was the battle standard for the all-girl fighters, the Amazons. Julie totally rocked the green wife beater and the brown shorts like she meant business! She sewed several headbands for us girls to ear that eventually sported one animal on each. She also sewed herself some sweet leg guards, the wrist guards, and the standard itself. My job was coming up with a design and painting the mother effer on there.

Next, Julie wanted to make the hubby Ryan a special tabard and headband. I was happy to see him rock it all weekend! :D

Lastly, I made the tabard for the winner of the final boff competition. This one had a lot of screw ups, but I also learned that throwing random dots all over the place makes a tabard look much more detailed than it really is...for the win. The lions are the worst Champion lions I ever did see though.
I already can't wait for the next Games-- it was one of
the best weekends of the Summer. Except for the part where my boyfriend at the time was super sick and appeared deathly ill for three days. That was worse than the crappy lions.

Week Two of Fifty Two

Loki in female form!

This one I re-did a few days after the first:

Re-doing this one tonight because I messed up the lettering ):

Mini-project I'm working on that's super secret!

Initial concept doodle of Felicia and Peter..it sucks, but I was planning on doing a better version anyway:

Night Elf Druid desktop!

Shutup, Pokemans are awesome.

Doodley-doo desktop!

World of Warcraft is owning my life again, and it's causing some problems with my attempts at drawing more often. I'm expecting this to be the case for another week or so before I get back into a more casual playing habit. But right now it's like a brand new game for me and I can't help but feed the addiction :B


(365d) x (52w) x (7d) x (24h) = 2010

The Penny Arcade : Artists' Corner has created a challenge for members who signed up(obviously I did) to draw (or take photos if you're a photographer) atleast one thing everyday, and post your proof every week.

We'll see how long I can keep it up...These will probably also include homework/projects if I get into MECA for the fall.

I'll probably be posting all of them here as well. Please don't mind the camera-phone pictures, for I am still computer/scanner-less at the abode.

01|01 - Brawl

01|02 - Curly hair is the only fun hair to draw on girls.

01|03 - I drew two today, and I'll probably draw more later as well.

Only 362 left to go!