(365d) x (52w) x (7d) x (24h) = 2010

The Penny Arcade : Artists' Corner has created a challenge for members who signed up(obviously I did) to draw (or take photos if you're a photographer) atleast one thing everyday, and post your proof every week.

We'll see how long I can keep it up...These will probably also include homework/projects if I get into MECA for the fall.

I'll probably be posting all of them here as well. Please don't mind the camera-phone pictures, for I am still computer/scanner-less at the abode.

01|01 - Brawl

01|02 - Curly hair is the only fun hair to draw on girls.

01|03 - I drew two today, and I'll probably draw more later as well.

Only 362 left to go!


BigRedButtercup said...

You should continue the story of Jason Statham with his kittens and icecream!

Archimer said...

On the animal studies page... Is that, "Julie = Cougar" you're implying, there...? XD

Melanie Tingdahl said...

No that's definitely me the cougar. :D

Archimer said...

Oh, hahah! Sorry I was mistaken. I keep thinking of the "Welcome to Cougarville" story. *snicker!*