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The few times I find a person's title to be useful are out of respect (Mr./Mrs.) or on a business card.  They just take so much away from the "who" and focus too much on the "what".  When I took classes for my BHP certification, we spent some quality time on this subject.  For example, it is unacceptable to say things like, "s/he's autistic" --  the appropriate wording is, "s/he has autism".

Even saying something as simple as "boyfriend" makes me cringe most of the time.  It's not because I'm ashamed or because I'm trying to hide anything, it's just scarcely relevant whether or not I'm in a romantic relationship with the person I'm talking about.  And if it were an important part of my story, generally the person I'm telling it to is already aware of it.

In the past, I've also known some who despise feeling as though they're having the information rubbed in their face, and golly, I try to do anything and everything I can to avoid that type of tension.

So now that I've said it, I'm going to ignore all of it and you should too.

Here is a picture I drew of the picnic I had with my boyfriend, Abs.  Or as I like to call him, Phoe Phoe (pronounced "fifi")!  I colored it with crayon on pastel paper and inked it with a blue Micron brush pen and we are a couple and I am his girlfriend.  (;


Expecto Patronum

The other night (I don't even know what day it is now, so don't ask me which night it was) I started playing Pottermore.  It's a fun little point and click browser game for Harry Potter fans.  When I made it to the Sorting Hat, I was placed in the Hufflepuff house!

Then I drew this

and then turned it into this:

This is my attempt at proving to the world that crayons are an acceptable medium, so maybe someday the lady at Staples doesn't smirk or scoff at me when I want a copy made of a poster I colored!


Playing Hooky

I missed my derby class this Tuesday because of this:

Instead of getting sweaty and stinky in my skates, I chose to enjoy the warm weather with Jason/Abs/Spacebat/Phoenix/whateveryouwanttocallhim and have a picnic!  We bought a basket and some food for sandwiches, and made our way to Fort Williams.  We were in perfect view of Portland Headlight and the coast while we laid in the sun.  With it being my only day off this week, I could not have imagined spending it any other way.

And come on, how could you resist this face?  He looks better in my sunglasses than I do --

-- even Princess Luna is jealous.



I forget that my life is easily perceived as being very different according to whether or not someone follows my blog or my facebook.  Which is actually pretty stupid.  Because the best way to get any idea of what my life is like is by ditching the CPU and hanging out with me!
My point is, those of you that follow me here but not elsewhere may not know that I've begun taking Derby Lite classes.  I skate at least twice a week now, with 4-5 hours straight (of class AND free skate) on Tuesdays.  Since I've been slacking on picking up running again (especially now that I need new sneaks), skating has helped make up for it.  My goal is to join one of the teams and play someday, but I am feeling discouraged about trying out in the Fall when I still have so much to learn.  I've already injured myself multiple times, once falling straight on my knee cap nearly a month ago...and it still hurts.

Anyway, the name I ended up choosing was Brutaloo, thanks to Jekka for coming up with it.  Who knows if it will change later, but right now I kinda like it.  Of course, my obsession with adorable ponies is totally relevant:

My roommate AJ teased me about being a klutz, and suggested the name "Hurtaloo" in which I fired back with "Clumsaloo".  Liz had named AJ's "persony" Spillstain a long time ago, and we immediately decided that Clumsaloo and Spillstain would be BFFs, together trying to make it through one tragic day at a time.

So that's that.

In other news, SPACEBAT!

Abs makes me laugh a lot.  Like all the time.
He helps me forget about the stress involving my car and finding a new place to live OH GOD I don't want to think about itqblthphhlthtpchblth


Chocolate Sunday

I hope you enjoyed your Easter as much as Captain Planet did.


Maine Boffer Games version 2012

The site (as well as the facebook page) for Maine Boffer Games still has a ton of my art from years ago on it.  So I volunteered to make replacement images and whipped some up this afternoon!

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny orange polka dot-ted pony