I forget that my life is easily perceived as being very different according to whether or not someone follows my blog or my facebook.  Which is actually pretty stupid.  Because the best way to get any idea of what my life is like is by ditching the CPU and hanging out with me!
My point is, those of you that follow me here but not elsewhere may not know that I've begun taking Derby Lite classes.  I skate at least twice a week now, with 4-5 hours straight (of class AND free skate) on Tuesdays.  Since I've been slacking on picking up running again (especially now that I need new sneaks), skating has helped make up for it.  My goal is to join one of the teams and play someday, but I am feeling discouraged about trying out in the Fall when I still have so much to learn.  I've already injured myself multiple times, once falling straight on my knee cap nearly a month ago...and it still hurts.

Anyway, the name I ended up choosing was Brutaloo, thanks to Jekka for coming up with it.  Who knows if it will change later, but right now I kinda like it.  Of course, my obsession with adorable ponies is totally relevant:

My roommate AJ teased me about being a klutz, and suggested the name "Hurtaloo" in which I fired back with "Clumsaloo".  Liz had named AJ's "persony" Spillstain a long time ago, and we immediately decided that Clumsaloo and Spillstain would be BFFs, together trying to make it through one tragic day at a time.

So that's that.

In other news, SPACEBAT!

Abs makes me laugh a lot.  Like all the time.
He helps me forget about the stress involving my car and finding a new place to live OH GOD I don't want to think about itqblthphhlthtpchblth

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RoboZelda said...

<333333 To everyone that hasn't fallen as much as you - they aren't working as hard! You will improve! You improve every time you skate :)