Playing Hooky

I missed my derby class this Tuesday because of this:

Instead of getting sweaty and stinky in my skates, I chose to enjoy the warm weather with Jason/Abs/Spacebat/Phoenix/whateveryouwanttocallhim and have a picnic!  We bought a basket and some food for sandwiches, and made our way to Fort Williams.  We were in perfect view of Portland Headlight and the coast while we laid in the sun.  With it being my only day off this week, I could not have imagined spending it any other way.

And come on, how could you resist this face?  He looks better in my sunglasses than I do --

-- even Princess Luna is jealous.

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unowho said...

Playing hooky for . . . a boy? Good for you! I have a friend who married a guy who looked great in shades . . . not rushing, just saying : )