Pay Off

Month 2 is over and I am actually surprised at:
a) how easy it is to take however much time I want to just draw something every day;
b) myself for keeping up with it;
c) how much I've already started improving.

I made new signs for work, and putting them next to the old ones I made no more than 3 months ago, I had to ask myself what I was thinking when I made them. They were sloppy and messy and shameful. And I can't help but wonder if I'll feel the same about the new signs someday, too. My lettering is still pretty awful, but I'm working on it.
I concluded that my favorite things to draw are birds, trees, crocodiles, and hair. And apparently, really emo pictures of people looking sad, despite my complete lack of emo-feelings lately.


The Bird is the Word

I drew on some old jeans today:

Now the question is, do I finish the whole leg, or leave it as is? I'm currently leaning towards finishing the leg.


Week..something of Fifty Two in a nutshell

Happy New Year,
Happy Valentine's Day,
I love my job,
I like birds (and The Beatles),
I REALLY like birds,
& working every day makes me stressed out and sad.

Happy Sunday.


Some crappy ballpoint pen doodles

I'm really starting to get the hang of doing this everyday without any hesitation.


Sometimes I wake up and just think about how much I

Three blankets are almost not enough.

(x-posted)Also, this is neat! Someone mentioned my cheesy Time-Traveler's Wife fanart:

All I have to say is this takes some serious skill. The artist drew this with only ink and then colored it with crayons. It looks awesome, could have came right out of a coloring book. There expressions are portrayed really well also, Henry looks so at peace.

It makes me wonder if there are other similar stories like this out there on the interwebs, but I fear that's only wishful thinking. (;

The Opposite of Being Above Canines

First of all, GO SAINTS! I am not really a New Orleans fan, but I like to root for the underdog, and that crazy interception from what, the 30 yard line into the far endzone was AWESOME! Plus, everyone deserves their fifteen minutes, and now the Saints have finally won a Super Bowl.

Suck it, Peyton Manning!

Here's a picture I haven't finished yet, for the PA:AC Bi-Weekly Challenge -- Noir/Crime. One might think black and white is easy, and lighting with such would be cake, but no. It is not. I have discovered a lot about myself while working on this: I am TERRIBLE at light sources. If nothing good comes out of this when it's done, at least I've already learned a lot.


With a Rebel Yell

There are moments in life when I feel like I'm thirteen again and am overwhelmed with anxiousness and giggles.

Sometimes even the simplest compliments make me ridiculously happy. (: