Where the Waffle-things Are (or should be).

Paying for oil heat is not a good idea, and I would encourage anyone that has been told otherwise to punch the person saying it right in the head.
Also, make sure your hands are not cold if you're testing the water in a shower before getting in.  You won't realize that there is no hot water until you get in, when suddenly your back is freezing, your hands burning, and your body confused.
The only amusing part of this life-scarring experience is the wretched picture you may or may not take of yourself  to prove your terrible misery to the world.  
But only if you're a vain asshole. ;D

As for "the art thing" (as a girl from work has referred to it), I'm still on slacker-hiatus, but will be back on it again this week.  Mostly because Brian is back from Cancun and I won't have an excuse to browse the web all day instead of make real attempts at being productive.

Really, though?  I blame my lack of waffle consumption.  It's clear that more waffles = more creative thought processes.

So, you know.

Buy me waffles.

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Kori Michele said...

Hey! Answer your phone! I'm trying to invite you over for waffles!