Side tracked

Eventually I'll post my full review of PortCon. I've typed up about half of it - it's gonna be a big one.

It's official. I am the PortCon Maine 2010 artist! My art is on the website, as well as the 2009 program schedule. My art for the Maine Boffer Games seems to keep showing up everywhere as well.

It feels strange to be an "official artist" of anything. It sounds too much like I'm working, doing what I love most.

And it is fantastic.

Although I will say that Julie very much seems to enjoy the stuff I find terribly mediocre. If nothing else, it's driving me to provide even more for her, so she has more to choose from

...but it's probably bad that I almost completely forgot about the fact I'm supposed to be working on a portfolio as well.
I don't expect my degree to get me a job. But I'm hoping it will get me another degree that WILL get me a job. I might be in my mid-30's when I finally become successful(hey, that seems like forever to a 23-year old), but I'm sure the feeling will be spectacular.

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