A sugary slice of Humble Pie

I cannot stress enough how much I truly value praise, despite my inability to receive compliments well. (I believe it was Nate Anaman who told me I do a great job of making people feel like a moron for trying to say something nice about me.) And I mean no offense whatsoever to anyone who isn't, but receiving compliments from another artist is like picking apples from the garden of eden. So delicious and yet, i feel so...dirty.

Catching things like this is one [awesomely super great] thing. But the current bi-weekly challenge of one of the forums I frequent involves drawing a cat using the style/technique of another member.(Get it? "Copy Cats"? Ah hyuk!) Two people have used mine. Two! Out of like, 15!
Things like this make me giddy and happy.

They also inspire me to draw more.
So you know what this means...

...it means I'm filled to the brim with inspiration while I stare at the list of art I need to produce.



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Archimer said...

I'm still a little gay for you. D: And your art.

In all honesty, I do not know anybody who's talented and can take praise in a "proper" manner. My Rush geekery had me read one of Neil Peart's books, in which he outlines how he, himself, has this problem of seeming arrogant just out of bashfulness... And he's been kicking ass at the drums for the better part of forty years now!

He also wisely said that it's one of those things that only similar people would understand. Darn it!

I will now continue commenting on EVERY ENTRY IN YOUR JOURNAL EVER! :D