Self-Portrait Project!

Thanks to Amanda Blanchette's inspiration on drawing ourselves as Street Fighter Characters, I'm making a list that I'll be referring back to that involves even more fun! And I absolutely encourage anyone that reads this blog to do it too.

The idea is to illustrate yourself (or a friend if you so wish) in theme with anything off the list. Or come up with your own! You can even combine themes! And then you'll have a whole bunch of pictures of fun.

It's mostly just meant to inspire or use as a warm up. It's also great practice for character design - some are intended to coerce a bit of research. Using yourself as the subject adds an aspect of comfort so concentrating solely on the theme is easier.

I'll probably be adding to this list as time passes (if you have any unique suggestions, I'll gladly take them!) I also don't expect to finish the entire list, but we'll see how far I get. (:

from each continent (when drawing yourself from the continent you are from, be specific! For example, I live in Maine but I was born in Arizona, so I'd do a southwestern-theme!)
1/ Africa
2/ Antarctica
3/ Asia
4/ Australia
5/ Europe
6/ North America
7/ South America

8/ the star of your own Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network Cartoon (with a sidekick/companion!)

9/ as an original character from one of your favorite childhood t.v. shows

10/ a super hero with 1 super power

11/ a Noir character

12/ an animal

14/ a plant

15/ a fairy tale character

16/ a zombie

17/ a ninja

18/ a monster

19/ a baby

20/ an adolescent in your old favorite outfit

21/ aged/elderly

22/ a bum

23/ a hippie

24/ as royalty

25/ what you wanted to be when you grow up

26/ what you want to be when you grow up

27/ in your dream house

28/ in the future

29/ as a caveman/woman

30/ as a movie celebrity

31/ the photo that ruined your fame as a celebrity

32/ nega-you

33/ dressed as your favorite person

34/ as if drawn by your favorite artist

35/ as a different ethnicity (try not to insult anyone)

36/ as your favorite video game character

37/ as a Poke-Trainer (with your favorite Pokemon of course)

38/ wearing clothes made of your favorite food(s)

39/ how you see yourself

40/ how you wish you looked


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