Fan art up the wazoo!

This weekend was the Maine Comic Arts Festival! I had so much fun and spent sooo much money. But I got to meet and talk to some awesome people, and I was definitely excited to meet Joe Quinones. And buy a t-shirt, a print, and have Adventure Comics #9 signed by him.

Andy Runton was also amazingly friendly and high-spirited. He's great with kids and even by the end of a long day, he was still smiling and eager to please his fans.

It was unfortunate that I didn't have a chance to really chat with more people, but I appreciate the fun I had.

Now I'm feeling crazy-inspired, but since I'm exhausted, I'll just post some stuff I've done over the past month or so until I have energy to draw and post more.

Back in April, there was a mouse at work. It was adorable! but also something to worry about (we don't want it chewing through boxes of comics!). I sacrificed some of my bagel to see if I could bait it out, but no one ever saw it again. Telling the story to Tim, I realized how ridiculous it sounded. I don't understand how I really expected it to work, but I still think it was worth a shot. I hope it made it outside okay; I'm pretty sure it was a baby.

I also draw too much fanart. I lack creativity!

Now I'll be focusing most of my free time on PortConMaine artwork, signs and cosplay coordination!

Springtime is the busiest time. But also the best!

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