Megaman X

Megaman X was one of my favorite SNES games growing up.  The music for all the games was SO GOOD, and X was no exception.  Even now, 2 and X remain to be my top two favorites of the series.

This is what most of my pictures look like when I start to color them.  I'm posting this because I still stand by my desire to show the world how awesome crayons are -- specifically Crayola.  (Don't go buying that other non-name brand crap or you'll be disappointed!)

Aaaand the finished product!  There are at least 3-4 layers of colors throughout.  So much fun!  I used to squirm at the thought of finishing my art with any colors because I had no confidence in myself.  But because they're so easy and cheap (making them easy to replace so I don't have to feel like I'm wasting materials if I mess up), crayons have CHANGED MY artistic LIFE.

Here's some more Crayon work with some white acrylic!

Happy Monday!

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