Ripley: Believe it or not

I found out a few weeks ago I have been growing an alien baby(see: tumor) that needs to come out with surgery.  It makes me look and feel pregnant and fat and uncomfortable.  I'm looking forward to it coming out but I am not looking forward to being out of work for a month or the long, painful recovery.  I can't wait to be rid of it so I can have my body back.

The doctor said it's "like a beach ball" and she wasn't kidding.  I seriously look pregnant.  I decided to name it Ripley.

On a lighter note, I drew some stuff.

Here's something Halloweenie

Here's something I drew to express the pain Garbodor endures every day due to the haters of the world

Here's something for a dude's female RP character that I refused to draw unless I could design her conservatively

Here's some butthead I know punching a cow into hamburgers

And here's some Broxo fanart, a new graphic novel by Zack Giallongo that you should totally go out and buy.

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