Annual Reflections

At some point this blog reached 16k+ views.  That's insane!

Lately I've been really reflecting on the past year.  I went to PortCon Maine a few weeks ago as a staffer and there are always a good number of people I see only once a year, at the con.  There were a few people I spoke to about my big surgery, and of course these conversations were had while I stood uncomfortably holding my crutches.  Once again, almost exactly a year later, I sprained my knee...except this time it was the OTHER knee.  (I also sprained my thumb and right after the con pulled my back.)  

Last week I received the good news that the recent scare I had with some biopsy test results came back negative.   I'm relieved and excited to be free from the doctor another 6 months.  But that's just it -- having a 9.5lb tumor removed from your abdomen means an appointment every 6 months, probably for the rest of my life.  It's a small price to pay for my health of course!   But I have been trying so hard to get healthy with exercise and activity while watching some of my friends lounge around with what seems like no worries at all.  It's impossible not to feel envious at times.

I think one of the most important things I'm beginning to learn is how you can't expect life to hand you everything.  I admit I was pretty spoiled growing up, where I had people I could go to whenever I hit even the tiniest bump in the road.  Now I feel like my life has been threatened, and I want to fight to avoid it happening again.  You always hear "anything worth having in life is worth fighting for" and I'm finally at a point where I understand it.

This has been a CRAZY year of injury, recovery, stress, depression, rejection, and relief.  I wouldn't label it as bad -- I am SO lucky for the things I have!  It's been a wacky ride.

I absolutely am determined to get working on my comic finally.  I've been plotting and writing and designing it for at least two years now.  My plan is to do a few unrelated mini comics (I have so many ideas for stuff) to test my rhythm and figure out a refined schedule.  Then it will finally be time to unleash some monster kid comic fun!  I have yet to decide whether to make a monthly, a full graphic novel, or a webcomic.  We shall see!

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