Dorky Dogs Calendar!

It's finally begun! The Dorky Dogs Calendar project is now on Indiegogo!

This is a project featuring 6 Portland, Maine artists that share pride in their love for all things geek. We have created art for a 12 month 2014 Calendar of many different dog breeds as different characters.

All of the goal money for the Indiegogo project will be going towards funding our project. We will not be able to create the calendar without funding, so every penny counts! After the project is made, we will then be able to sell the calendars and donate all proceeds to the Animal Refuge League. Prints of any of the art will only be available through the rewards when you contribute!

Indiegogo is a site that still grants money earned, even if the goal is not reached.  This is why, just in case we don't reach our goal, we are not making the calendars available to purchase as a reward just yet.  We want to make sure all sales of the actual product go toward the ARL!

We hope you will help out if you can so we can make our small dream of helping our local animal shelter come true.

Indiegogo page (contribute here!):http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-year-of-dorky-dogs

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/DorkyDogsProject

Animal Refuge League: http://www.arlgp.org/

Here are my contributions for the project!  My third piece is not yet finished, but it may turn out to be my favorite!

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