Stalling on my bedtime

I love my new job. I get to draw a lot; what's not to like? And when I'm not drawing, I read comics.

Too bad I despise my other job. And needing it to pay bills makes me hate it even more.

It's also quite tiring working two jobs when I end up working 7 days a week. I consider myself lucky though; this stretch was only for 11 days. Theoretically, I could go months without having a day off.

And that makes me tired. And it makes me want to stretch. A LOT. As if my muscles are being pressured into each other like an accordion, and my body doesn't seem as though it'll be satisfied until I'm roped up to a medieval times machine with horses pulling apart my limbs.

I complain about being tired and then I stay up late. I do this because I have this mindset at night where I think sleeping is a waste of time. And then I sleep and don't want to wake up for work. It's a vicious cycle, really.

Sometimes I wish I saw Nate more often. But dating someone in high school should have clued me in on how much time we'd get to spend together. But my mom and brothers have all said on separate occasions that they enjoy his company, more so than any other boys I've dated. Statements such as this make me happy, and so does he. (:

WoW makes me happy too. I partly blame The Guild for me playing it again. All the nerd talk made me miss being up to date on all the sweet lingo and having uber gear, lul. I also blame being a half hour drive from Portland. (I also blame the two dudes that talked me into making a druid threesome with them...it's ALMOST as dirty as it sounds.)

But now it's time for stretching, then sleeping! Tomorrow is day 10 of 11. zzzZzZzZZZZ

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