Rule #2: Double Tap

The previews to Zombieland at Smitty's in Biddeford were as follows:

Transylmania - Awful-looking vampire parody, that I would only see to support the mocking of all the overdone/overused theme of the mythological creature.

New Moon - Okay, I'm sick of Twilight and sick of hearing about it. But having read the books and seeing the new preview, I've concluded that I might not hate it as much as I thought. It still looks so angsty, but Jacob DOES look pretty gorgeous, and I feel it may be worth paying $9 to see him save Bella from her cliff-jumping while half-naked.

Legion - I'm not quite sure what this movie is about, other than fallen angels and Gabriel coming to Earth and attacking people. A good amount of my friends showed interest in it, so the chances I'll be seeing it are probably pretty high.

2012 - Standard end-of-the-world movie. Except the entire world is crumbling/caving in on itself? Look intriguing, but simultaneously looks like every other end of days movie ever made. C'mon John Cusack, what happened to all the cute romantic comedies?

And then the movie started.
Right from the very beginning to the end, lots of laughs were to be had. (I will warn anyone with a weak stomach, however, that there are a handful of parts that may induce cringing.) There is a small plot, and the main character even learns a few lessons on the way about life. The "rules" for Z-land that are listed or repeated throughout the movie make for a clever touch. I personally enjoyed the characters not having names and instead being referred to by a place they were either going to or coming from.
Woody Harrelson makes a very good bad-ass, insensitive, survival of the fittest kinda guy, and his background story will really make you "awwwwwwww".
The main character reminds me a LOT of Michael Cera. I almost feel like the part was written for him, but he didn't audition and someone else got the part. This probably comes from a slight bias of watching Arrested Development over and over for the past 5 years. But I have to say, I really liked the character and the actor did a great job giving him a solid personality.
There are only a few other characters, one being a fanTASTIC appearance by an extremely well-known actor that made me giddy to see.
Obviously there are a lot of things that happen I wish I could discuss without spoiling anything, but considering it was only made available to the public toDAY, I'll refrain. All I can do is recommend it to anyone who thinks they might like it, because they will not be disappointed. (Recommending it to anyone who doesn't think they'll like it makes me wonder why I really associate with them anyway.)


...no, but seriously.

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Karla said...

My only question is how do the sisters, who presumably came from the same place and are both going to LA, end up with the names Wichita and Little Rock?