I am hungry and cranky and thus, have no patience to form more than a handful of complete sentence-bloggage. Instead, we can play a game!
I shall provide you readers with a list of words and phrases to describe my thoughts as well as the events of the past several weeks. Feel free to max out your imagination and assume whatever you may wish. I can guarantee you'll be wrong about at least one of them. Because my life is so extremely exciting and unpredictable like that!

* X-Babies
* 2 Browns, 1 text
* Tri-Bri circle
* Scrabble
* giving up
* Fable II
* mellow knees
* pregnant-girlfriend jealousy
* anti-elitism
* PVP vs. PVE
* 1&1/2% milk
* Skottie Young
* Mario Brothers Wii
* anticipation
* regret
* spineless-icity (Oh yeah, I totally just made that one up.)
* Turdface
* Molasses
* pork (the meat, not the verb)
* submission
* Still Life drawings
* Tifa Lockhart
* deadlines
* Dan Krohne: Voice of Reason (x3)
* daily nightmares
* Deadpool's mom vs. Spidey's mom
* 14-hour phone calls
* 78% discounts
* Marvel 1602 & The House of M
* Spaghetti & Hand Banana
* Futurama
* Werewolves > Vampires
* 6-minute absences
* Isisisisisis
* procrastination
* poor-dom (made that one up too!)

And of course, a few for the future:

* food.
* Meatloaf vs. Kiss(?)
* Avatar
* Applebee's Thanks
* December 11th

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their moms! I'm grateful that everyone exists!


JCoN said...

NEVER give up.
under any circumstances.
and.. Deadpool's mom vs. Spidey's mom..?
I have no clue, but it has good idea written all over it!

Melanie Tingdahl said...

In issue #611 of the Amazing Spider-man, Deadpool and Spidey have a "Your momma" joke showdown. It's awesome :D:D

JCoN said...

niiiice :)