To defer oneself

During the past month or so, I've been attempting to finish my app for MECA. I don't think it's gonna happen. Shannon Cote was really trying to get me in for the Spring of 2010, but I already know I won't be able to take classes then, so I think I might take the extra time to make my portfolio better than it is right now.
I still need to get recommendations, vaccinations (which is what's gonna keep me back from attending in January), finish my FAFSA on a computer that can handle doing it online, have my transcripts sent over, and to tweak my essay a bit. Plus, I know myself enough to know the pressure of finishing everything in such a short amount of time is going to make me even more unlikely to get it done. Instead, I'll end up finding some means of mental escape to distract me for hours. *cough*Fable II*cough*

Plus it's the holiday season, and since Kat and I aren't doing a book this year, I have no excuse for not creating atleast a FEW cool presents.

In other news, today I walked into work at Casablanca and Rick was there, helping set-up for the giant back-issue($1 each) sale we're having this weekend(Fri, Sat, and Sun) in Windham. It actually shocked me for a second walking into the backroom and seeing him because he isn't frequently at the Windham store. But anyway! He stopped me before I walked away and told me how much he and his wife love the signs I've been making(most of them for this weekend, come see them!). Then he asked if I would be interested in not only designing bookmarks, but t-shirts for the store.
I'm so excited.
I still have to finish and pass the Magic:TG shirt designs by Julie for WA, and I still haven't seen how the PortConMaine shirts turned out...Then it's comic design time!


And Ana commissioned me for Abs' birthday gift, and was giving me grief about not wanting to take money. She wanted to pay me EIGHTY DOLLARS. Silly Ana! I settled for $40, though she tried to insist on $60 and I said $20.

I already spent the $40 on Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, Amato's for lunch and the Buy 2 Get 1 Free Graphic Novel Sale we had today.

It's no wonder I can't save up for anything...


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Archimer said...

I didn't know that Rick wanted you to do stuff for Cassablanca. I am slow because Blogger doesn't e-mail me every time somebody burps like Facebook and Livejournal do.

AWESOOOOOME. :3 Hopefully he pays you well for that business. ;)

And the Ana thing. Haggling: Yer doin' it wrong! Hahah. I'd imagine doing commissions for good friends and taking money must be awkward.