In Conclusion: The 2009 Edition

This year my two brothers and I spent Christmas Eve at Isis' mother's house with our mother and our mother's boyfriend(how's that for confusing?).
I spent way too much money on Isis. I got her a toy cake set to go with her tea set...that I clearly bought more for my own amusement than hers. The cake was velcro and could connect or disconnect as 6 pieces, and the top is velcro and the cake toppings had velcro on the bottom so you could be all fun and decorative and I even had each piece plated in specific ways and I should totally be on that Ace of Cakes show for being so clever.
I also got her a really nice bowling "tot" set with 6 pins and a ball. But this wasn't no crappy cheap plastic step-on-it-and-the-pins-break set. Of course, these also needed testing, so Josh, Brian, Mum, Brian Frost and I (and eventually Isis too) bowled on the carpet in the living room. The bowling set successfully proved itself worth the $20 in both quality and entertainment.
Sometimes I miss opening gifts with my family - oooh, the excitement of what's in a box! But playing with a 3 year old, eating kimchee chigae and spending an evening with the fam wearing a new pair of earrings and receiving lots of money is way better. (:

On Christmas Day I enjoyed my day off and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Brian Conde and I lounged around playing video games all day and only left his apartment to the convenience store to buy bacon and eggs for dinner(breakfast. Breakfast for dinner. Not breakfast for breakfast.)

In other news, my birthday is nigh, which also means the end of 2009.

It was ten times better than my awful 2008, just as I was hoping. Although this last month definitely could have been better, this past summer was one of the best I've had. Seriously, from April to September was pretty effin' amazing.

I can only hope Twenty-Ten will be just as good, if not better, and that I actually meet some of my goals so I can stop hating on myself for not meeting them. (Even though we all know how well I work under pressure...I'm already getting anxious just thinking about what I need to do.)

Cheers to you all, and here's hoping you thoroughly enjoy the last days of 2009!

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