Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day! I was a little bummed that zero of my friends that said they were going to show up never did, but it was still tons of fun. I didn't have a whole ton of free time to draw for the first hour's worth of people that came in because it was so busy, but I did end up drawing about 5-6 pictures, mostly for kids. It was a fantastic experience talking to them and having them tell me how awesome I am. Hahaha. My response was always, "I've had years and years of practice, and I have more years of it to come!" and then I'd ask them what they liked to draw.
My favorite was when one of our frequent customers requested that I draw lil' Dream and lil' Death. I drew them holding hands and frolicking together while he and I giggled through the whole process.

Then I got free pizza for lunch and a really big DQ Fudge shake! And Rob brought me a cheeseburger! Oh yeah, and then I got some free comics! I love free Comic Book Day! Thor/Siege is my favorite series right now!

I have ideas for two different Children's Books/All Ages stories, and one Graphic Novel. I haven't been keeping up with updates and have BARELY been keeping up with drawing every day, because of Tim and work......and World of Warcraft.

But whatever, The Guild comics tell me it's okay to escape from reality and play MMORPGs, and plus, my gear score is almost 5800. I've got to keep up with my priorities, y'know.

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Archimer said...

Ian and I should have stopped by after Good Catholic Couples Retreat Day in Augusta. Sorry we missed you / the awesomeness of Free Comic Book day!