Sweet Tooth

I made a...thing. For our window display for Sweet Tooth at Casablanca Comics!

First I took some large cardboard thing and started drawing Gus's face from the cover of issue 5.

An hour and a half in and the lines are done!

Next I color in the black and start cutting the top layer of cardboard in the desired shape (it's a wall mount)

This part takes the longest and is the most tedious. I won't even finish before my 5 hour work shift is over and it's time to go home..

I finish cleaning the paper and I cut it all out while I watch the unrated version of Bad Santa.

Then I paint it with watercolors after inking the background/cardboard

and then it dries!

It was super fun and was definitely a challenge because
a. I don't draw large pictures. Everr
b. I don't draw in a style even close to what Jeff Lemire does, so I was forced to try something outside of my comfort zone

I'm pleased with how it came out, and I hope we have a chance to win the Window Display contest!

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Sigma Seven said...

As ever, elegant and eye-catching. Even out of your comfort zone, you're still solid at your craft.