This is why I like Bryan Lee O'Malley

there was "some confusion" about yesterday's brief post, so here it is again with some more clarification.

@radiomaru: kids, just so you know, "character design" is like .00001% of my job. so get over yourselves and draw some comic pages

TRANSLATION: young, amateur would-be cartoonists

...just so you know, "character design" is like .00001% of my job...
TRANSLATION: i design characters, and then I spend 99.9999% of my time doing other stuff that isn't designing characters

...so get over yourselves and draw some comic pages
TRANSLATION: so stop making up new characters when you'll never tell any of their stories anyway

This applies strongly to anyone who claims they want to be "A CHARACTER DESIGNER" when they grow up.

How many "CHARACTER DESIGNERS" do you think there are in the world? People who go to work each day, have a coffee, design some characters and then come home? NOT VERY MANY!

All I'm saying is don't expect to spend your life making up characters and dreaming up their epic adventures. If you expect to ever tell those stories, you have to stop designing them at some point and start doing the rest of the work.

No knock on the process of character design. I am in the middle of designing new characters now, and it's really fun and rewarding, but also I can't wait to get in to the actual pages.

I see kids every day on deviantart making up their characters and their epic stories. I was the exact same way in high school. I'm just trying to tell people there's more to it than that.

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AngerBunny. said...

^ this.
i need to do this, too.