Can't stop the [pony] Rock

I keep thinking I should start drawing some more DC stuff because I've been reading so much of it lately.

But I can't.  I can't stop drawing ponies!  They're just so....cuuuute :D

One thing I've noticed with my recent crayon obsession is I find myself more comfortable with them.  I don't feel pressured when using them, or like I need to be super precise.  And when I scan them I feel no need to spend an hour trying to do any touching up in Photoshop.  Crayons are crayons and I'm having immense amounts of fun with them.  I hope to start practicing with some pastels once I start feeling more daring.

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GenkiOriana said...

The fact that you do this with crayons is amazing :) (woo, blog roll! Telling me you updated!)