Sign Update

Yay for signs!  Here are some more cell phone photos(sorryIdon'townacamera) of some recent signs I've done for the comic store:


 (These are similar because each is for a different location:)

I made some of these Halloween Cards with Han Solo and Yoda on them, colored with Crayons!  Each one had a different Star Wars character drawn on the back with a message to the receiver.

I was actually slightly unsatisfied with the outcome of the cards, so I made these small TF2 cards for everyone as well - everyone got a different one, so I guess you could say they're all part of a set :D

 I drew this to add to my roommate's Girl Power art I've provided him - Classic Supergirl beating up the new one for her poor choice in outfit change (done in ballpoint pen!):

And here's the Tim Drake Robin colored with markers.  It's probably my favorite Robin costume design, plus, I really like him as a character. (:


I plan to reformat my computer soon, so the updates may be scarce until then.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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