More pony fanart!

I drew these today while hanging out with some other artistic friends.  Crayons provide for a very therapeutic experience. (:

Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity as people:


Sign Update

Yay for signs!  Here are some more cell phone photos(sorryIdon'townacamera) of some recent signs I've done for the comic store:


 (These are similar because each is for a different location:)

I made some of these Halloween Cards with Han Solo and Yoda on them, colored with Crayons!  Each one had a different Star Wars character drawn on the back with a message to the receiver.

I was actually slightly unsatisfied with the outcome of the cards, so I made these small TF2 cards for everyone as well - everyone got a different one, so I guess you could say they're all part of a set :D

 I drew this to add to my roommate's Girl Power art I've provided him - Classic Supergirl beating up the new one for her poor choice in outfit change (done in ballpoint pen!):

And here's the Tim Drake Robin colored with markers.  It's probably my favorite Robin costume design, plus, I really like him as a character. (:


I plan to reformat my computer soon, so the updates may be scarce until then.  Happy Thanksgiving!



Break ups are hard.  No matter what side of it you're on, it isn't easy.


Nightmare Mooooon

Today's class doodle is the previous pony (Luna) as a girl!  Her eyes are not accurate to the character though. D:


Can't stop the [pony] Rock

I keep thinking I should start drawing some more DC stuff because I've been reading so much of it lately.

But I can't.  I can't stop drawing ponies!  They're just so....cuuuute :D

One thing I've noticed with my recent crayon obsession is I find myself more comfortable with them.  I don't feel pressured when using them, or like I need to be super precise.  And when I scan them I feel no need to spend an hour trying to do any touching up in Photoshop.  Crayons are crayons and I'm having immense amounts of fun with them.  I hope to start practicing with some pastels once I start feeling more daring.


All class and no play...

...makes for lots of doodling!

It has been a little awkward doodling in class when I sit in the front.  But it honestly DOES help me concentrate...most of the time. (:

I decided to make a color version of today's doodle...

...but it's been a while since I've painted.  I'm not too satisfied with this one, but it's encouraged me to start getting back into it.

My current crayon obsession is still going strong!  I bought another comic box for storage and decided to decorate it with my favorite FiM pony (:

And in case you were wondering, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a great show.  It's nothing like the original series in terms of tone.  It's fun and adorable, and Lauren Faust is awesome.  Watch iiiiitttt


Twilight Spark-Doodle

Eventually I will draw all the FiM girls in their Gala dresses.  Today I doodled a rough idea of Twilight in hers while being attentive during my BHP class :B

Brovember BROst

Happy November!

Last year, I spent November doodling one bro every day.  This year, that is not likely to happen due to time constraints.  But I figured maybe even just one quick picture might be nice, so everyone could witness my appreciation for all the bros out there.

And all the other boys, of course.  (;